About TillyTulp


TillyTulp was born in 2017 out of the imagination of Lotte Alders. TillyTulp is now for sale as a friendly stuffed toy and a gripping book.

Grown up between the bulb fields and married to a man who travels a lot inspired the idea of TillyTulp: a character who can become a dear friend of young tourists but also of Dutch children.

TillyTulp is a small tulip who wants to explore the world and doesn’t want her flower to be cut. She decides to go out into the world but soon realizes that that’s easier said than done!


TillyTulp’s first story is depicted exclusively in illustrations which makes it universally understandable. The story tells you how TillyTulp escapes from the cutting of her flower and why it is that she always carries a watering can with her.

TillyTulp goes out into the world and conquers all kinds of obstacles. In the end she learns that being alone is not ideal and that friendship is worth more than gold.